• 0,1 ml 8-Strip qPCR Tubes, with clear cap, PakGent

0,1 ml 8-Strip qPCR Tubes, with clear cap, PakGent

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0.1ml clear 8-Strip qPCR Tubes, with flat clear cap
0.1ml white 8-Strip qPCR Tubes, with flat clear cap

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PCR Tubes with 8-Strip are ideal for high-throughput PCR applications such as multiplex PCR and gene expression studies. These tubes are made of polypropylene and have a uniform wall thickness which makes them very durable and able to withstand repeated thermal cycling. The 8-Strip PCR Tubes feature a flat bottom and a domed lid to ensure a secure seal and prevent evaporation. Each tube has 8 individual strips that are 12.5mm wide, allowing for the separation of 8 different samples per tube. Each tube also has a clear window at the top to allow for easy sample identification. The 8-Strip PCR Tubes can be used in any thermocycler that accommodates 0.2ml tubes, making them a great choice for high-throughput PCR applications.