• After-Tri RNA Purification Mini Kit

After-Tri RNA Purification Mini Kit

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The FavorPrep™ After Tri-Reagent RNA Clean-Up Kit is designed for fast cleaning up RNA which was isolated by other methods, such as guanidine isothiocyanate/phenol/chloroform extraction or lithium chloride/phenol/chloroform extraction. It is also suitable for fast cleaning up RNA from enzymatic reaction mixture, such as RNA labeling or DNase I digestion. In the purification procedure, the efficient reagents combining with the convenient spin-column system efficiently remove impurities. The phenol-chloroform is not required in the whole process; the extraction can be finished within 10 minutes. After using this purification kit, the purified RNA is ready-to-use for RT-PCR and other downstream applications.


Format/Principle: Spin column (silica matrix)

Sample Size: Up to 100 µl of RNA sample or enzymatic reaction mixture.

High Purity: OD260/280 1.9~2.1

Binding Capacity: ≤100 µg RNA/column

Operation Time: <10 mins

Expected Recovery: 85~95%



After Tri-RNA Purification Mini Kit (50prep)  

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AfterTri-RNA Purification Mini Kit (200prep)

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