• RTS GroE Supplement

RTS GroE Supplement

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Storage temperature: Dry ice


  • Enhance solubility of proteins expressed with RTS E. coli kits
  • Improve functional activity of proteins expressed with RTS E. coli kits


  • E. coli chaperone mix to enhance correct folding and increase solubility of expressed proteins

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    GroE Supplement (GroEL and GroES)

  • The Rapid Translation System is a flexible and scalable tool for cell-free protein expression. It can be considered an “open” system, meaning that the reaction conditions can be easily adapted in a protein-specific manner by adding chemicals and factors to the reaction mixture. An example of this flexibility is the ability to add chaperones that often increase the amount of correctly folded and / or soluble recombinant protein.

    GroEL and GroES (the combination is named GroE) are cytoplasmic chaperones of E. coli reported to be involved in the de novo folding of 10-30 % of all cytoplasmic proteins. It is neither predictable that a particular protein is a substrate for GroE, nor that it binds to either GroEL or GroES. However, the presence of GroE during cellular or cell-free protein synthesis has been reported to lead to higher amounts of correctly folded and active product in many cases.