Dharmacon transfection reagents are designed specifically for small RNA transfection (DharmaFECT), co-transfection of plasmid and small RNA (DharmaFECT Duo), plasmid transfection (DharmaFECT kb) and self delivering siRNA for difficult to transfect cell types (Accell siRNA).

One of the key success factors in any gene modulation experiment (RNAi, overexpression, gene editing) is the introduction of RNA and/or DNA components into your cell line or in vivo system. When applying lipid-based transfection reagents, there are three general measures of an effective transfection reagent:

  • High efficiency delivery
  • Low cellular toxicity
  • Broad dynamic range

We offer a variety of Dharmacon DharmaFECT transfection reagents with demonstrated success for all of these key criteria. Not only do we specialize in transfection of small RNA (siRNA, microRNA, crRNA, tracrRNA) but we offer DharmaFECT Duo, specifically designed for co-delivery of small RNA with plasmid DNA, and DharmaFECT kb for delivery of plasmid DNA.

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