• Sample collection - Virus Transport and Preservation Medium, 500 pcs

Sample collection - Virus Transport and Preservation Medium, 500 pcs

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Applicable for the collection and transportation of clinical flu, avian flu, HFMD, measles and other virus samples as well as mycoplasma, urea plasma, chlamydia and other samples.

Virus transport and preservation medium (Inactivated) version contains an inactivation compound, avoids aerosol infection, and is universal sample collection product for viruses to avoid aerosol infection risk.

500 pcs. Individually wrapped, 50 PCS/Box, 10 Boxes/Case

1.Inactivate Virus sample in time to avoid aerosol infection and protect RNA from degradation.

2.Multiple antibiotics are used in the solution to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination.

3.BSA was added as protein stabilizer, Protect virus samples and improve separation rate.

The sampling swab is a classic fiber swab, and the plastic rod is made of ABS. It has a unique design that can be broken, and there is no small debris in the process of breaking

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19-1302 / YMJ-TE2 (Inactivated) 3 ml + 1 x nasal swab, 500pc/box

19-1301 / YVJ-TE2 (Classic) 3 ml + 1 x nasal swab, 500pc/box


19-1301D / YVJ-TE4 (Classic) 3 ml + 1 x nasal swab, 1 x throat swab, 500pc/box

19-1302D / YMJ-TE4 (Inactivated) 3 ml + 1 x nasal swab, 1 x throat swab, 500pc/box


19-1252 / YVJ-TE1 (Classic) 3 ml + 1 x oral swab, 500pc/box

19-1262 / YMJ-TE (Inactivated) 3 ml + 1 x oral swab, 500pc/box

For the transfer and storage of clinically collected samples
Main component

Classic medium: HBSS, antibiotics, BSA, cryoprotectant, biological buffer, phenol red.
Inactivated medium: Guanidine salt (denaturant), reducing agent, biological buffer , chelating agen, surfactant, buffer.

Storage conditions and validity
12 months storage at 5-25

Sample requirements
1. Applicable sample: Clinical samples such as oral swab, nasopharyngeal swab, saliva, sputum;
2. Storage and transportation of samples: Please pay attention to the storage period when using. Specimens should be transported to
the corresponding laboratory within 2 working days after collection, and the storage temperature is 2-8 ° C; If it cannot be delivered to
the laboratory within 48 hours, it should be stored at -80 ° C or below, and ensure that the collected specimens are delivered to the
corresponding laboratory within 1 week. Specimens should avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

1.Unwrap the package,
take out the swab.
2. Use the swab to collect samples
and put it back into the tube.
3. Break the swab rod and
leave the sampling parts
inside the tube.
4. Screw the lid tightly, and
mark on the tube.

1. Used for in vi tro diagnosis, not for internal or external use in humans or animals. It can cause serious events if swallowed;
it is irritating to eyes and skin. If accidentally splashed into eyes, rinse with water. Ventilation should be maintained during use.
2. This product is red or colorless, transparent, non-precipitating liquid. If the properties change, such as yellow, it is prohibited to use.

Including 1 swab and 1 tube containing medium.